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Guided meditation - unite to heal the earth

Beautiful Soul Family,

I invite you to join me for this sacred guided meditation and sound healing to unite and heal the earth. 🙏🌍

Together, we form a circle holding hands around the earth, while streaming unconditional love, unity, and peace. As we fill up and open our hearts, we pour our love into the heart of Mother Earth so that we can give back to her, as she gives so much to us.

When we unite as one to bring our healing light to the earth, she is able to heal. She is able to receive the love, nurturing, nourishment, and support that she always gives, in sacred reciprocity. Together in this meditation, we choose to give back and live in harmony with her.

Beloved, thank you for feeling called to support in the healing of our beautiful planet.

With all my heart,

~ Mei-lan

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